Voice clinic

The Voice Clinic can provide a solution for all voice concerns. They are involved in the evaluation and treatment of clinical voice disorders and understanding of the process of voice production. Initially these clinics were started for the care of voice professionals like singers, artists, teachers, doctors, lawyers and public servants, using the latest technical advances. Now the services have been extended to all people who have problems with voice including those having vocal cord nodules, polyps, palsy, cancer, etc.

The team of specialists in these clinics includes; voice surgeon, voice therapist, neurologist, psychiatrist and other specialists. Some voice clinics educate vocologists, spread the information about voice and speech, and provide referral services for people to have effective vocal communications.

Ear & Hearing Clinic

Hearing aid clinic provides professional hearing services including complete diagnostic facilities and all hearing rehabilitation services. Other than just providing the patient a hearing aid, professional in the hearing aid clinic will work with the patient to develop a clear understanding of their needs, explain the specific hearing loss, and discuss the products and features available to meet their specific needs. The multi disciplinary team includes, doctors of audiology, audiologists, and hearing instrument specialists to offer a full spectrum of services, assess vestibular issues and auditory processing to hearing aid repairs. They also provide services like comprehensive hearing aid cleaning and electroacoustic analysis to ensure the proper working of the hearing aid, cerumen and foreign object removal, auditory processing assessments. Being in the forefront of technology, these clinics can better change lives.

Hearing Implant Clinic

Tours2health has best specialists in this field who is experienced in treating severe hearing loss in children and adults.

Advanced Hearing Aid Clinic

Tours2health want to put your quality of life first. Hearing loss, no matter what the extent, requires continued consultation and guidance.

Neonatal Hearing Clinic

Finding the correct hearing aid for a baby with hearing loss is an important step. Today's technology helps make hearing aids work even for young babies.

Voice & Swallowing Clinic

The Voice and Swallowing clinic is a Tours2health's best facility offering comprehensive treatment for voice and swallowing problems. The use of Asian ENT'smost advanced fiberoptic endoscopic imaging assures high quality medical speech-language pathology services for people with swallowing and voice problems.

Nose & Sinus Clinic

At Tours2health, we provide care to our patients primarily in one highly specialized area, the nose and sinuses. We strive to combine knowledge, skill, training, and experience with advanced technology.

Sleep & Snoring Clinic

Tours2health specialises in providing solutions to stop snoring and overcoming sleep apnea.

Head & Neck Cancer Clinic

The Head and Neck Cancer Clinic provides extensive head and neck surgery services and comprehensive care for cancer patients and their families.

Tinnitus & Balance Clinic

As the Tinnitus and balance specialists (Audiologists), we offer expertise in the newest diagnostic procedures and state of the art equipment for hearing, balance and tinnitus treatment
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