Septal perforation repair – For Perfomated Septum

Most of the perforations may not need closure. Small perforations may not need surgery. Medical treatment with saline nasal irrigations or regular humidification to reduce crusting reduces the symptoms. Antibiotic ointment or a petroleum-based ointment can reduce pain and dryness at the perforation site. Nasal hygiene and lubrication may also provide symptomatic relief. Placement of a nasal-septal prosthesis is a conservative intervention that may act as a temporary or long-term solution.

Several surgical techniques are in use to close a larger perforation. Some surgery uses tissue within the nose or from another part of your body (autograft) to stitch into the hole, while others create a flap of tissue to cover the perforation. A perforation or hole in the nasal septum cannot be considered as one-layered hole. It is a hole in the cartilaginous and/or bony portion of the septum that separates your nose into two distinct sides, as well as a hole in both membranes that cover the septum. A simple insertion of a cartilage graft may not solve the issue, because the hole also extends into the covering membranes both on the right and the left sides of the septal cartilage. So for the complete repair the hole, in addition to the cartilage membranes on both sides should also be repaired.

Removing the Polyps within the sinuses - Intra Antal Polypectomy

Nasal polypectomy is a surgical procedure to remove polyps that are formed in the nasal passages. The polypoid tissue is removed with polyp forceps, through-cutting instruments, or microdebrider. Polyps are typically removed from posterior to anterior to compensate for the misting effects of bleeding. Some surgeons also perform total Ethmoidectomy, uncinectomy, middle meatal antrostomy, frontal sinusotomy or Draf procedure, and sphenoidotomy for the removal of polyps. Functional endoscopic sinus surgery is the other frequently used technique in the management of nasal polyposis. The goal of functional endoscopic sinus surgery is nasal polyp removal, enlargement of sinus ostia, removal of bony partitions and osteitic bone, and improved sinus drainage. A sinus tract, or small channel called pilonidal sinus, may start developing from the source of infection and open to the surface of the skin., which drain the material from the cyst. A polynoid cyst occurs when hairs pass inwards through the tiny sinuses in the skin. Germs build up among the hairs causing pain, swelling and discharge. Antibiotic therapy, hot compresses and application of depilatory creams can be used for this painful pilonidal cyst. A polynoid sinus surgery is carried out in more severe cases to lance the cyst. There are many surgical variations, ranging from very small operations to major plastic surgery operations. In all methods the tissue is taken out.

Baloon Sinoplasty

The endoscopic catheter-based surgical procedure used for treating of blocked nasal sinuses is called Balloon sinuplasty. Balloon sinus dilation (BSD) represents the first step toward tissue preservation technique and no destructive techniques are involved. Chronic sinusitis ppatients who are not responding well with medications may be candidates for balloon Sinoplasty Balloon catheters stretch open (dilate) and widen narrowed openings into the sinuses. The technology utilizes a small, flexible, Sinus Balloon that is placed into the nose to reach the sinuses. The Sinus Balloon is gradually inflated to gently restructure the previously blocked sinus opening which helps to restore normal sinus drainage and function drainage without damaging the sinus lining. Balloon Sinuplasty is safe, effective procedure, less invasive than traditional sinus surgery, and effective at relieving symptoms of chronic sinusitis. Balloon Sinuplasty allows patients to return to normal activities quickly. Unlike conventional sinus surgery, it does not include removal of bone or tissue from the nose.
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